Friday, June 22, 2012

Metallic Polishes

Today I'll be posting about some awesome metallic polishes that I love! Metallics are popular nowadays and so I thought I'd talk about and show my favorites. These aren't a brand new collection or anything, but they're affordable and give great coverage, with awesome color. They were limited edition though, so I hope you all can still find them out there! These are LA colors Color Craze Limited Edition Series 2 Modern Metallics. They only costed about $5 for the complete set.
Here are the bottles.

Now these are some swatches! Of course I didn't swatch the top coat though! The way I lined them up in the above pictures is how I put them on the nails. They don't have names in this collection, so I can't tell you what the name of each polish is but you can see the colors as they correspond to the bottles. This swatch is with just one coat of each color.

Now these are with two coats.

As you can see they are just beautiful polishes! The metallic look is awesome, but the darker blue and grey sort of disappointed me. They aren't as full of glitter as the others, but they are still very pretty colors. Hope you all enjoyed these swatches, I'll be doing some more later on!

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