Nail Tips

Here I'll give you great tips for doing your nails, keeping them healthy, and anything else!

How do I remove pesky glitter polish?

Use 100% acetone nail polish remover then soak cotton balls in it and with aluminum foil to secure them to the tops of your nails. Or to save your aluminum, use Gel-Off's little finger clamps to hold the cotton ball to your finger nail. Let that sit for a few minutes then go to remove it and it should come off pretty easy.

Why won't my neon polish show up well?

Well neons are known to be streaky and translucent so I suggest a coat of white polish before you apply the neon color. That way only one or two coats of the neon will be needed and not four or five!

Want both your hair and nails to grow healthy?

I suggest taking a Biotin vitamin everyday. These can be found at any local drug store and will enhance the growth of your hair and nails. Most teen vitamins include Biotin. So if you're a teenager and you don't want to take just Biotin go out and find a good teen vitamin you like and walah!

Glitter Polishes

When applying any polish that is just straight glitter I suggest first putting down a base coat of any color. If you want just the glitter to show I recommend just black or white. If you don't it looks very plain and unfinished. Just a tip when applying glitters!

Dirty Nails?

Sometimes when your nails don't get enough air (from always being painted, just getting dirty or other circumstances) the white part can turn yellow or discolored. To make them pretty and white again I suggest using OrigiNails' Bubble White. You can find it at Sally's Beauty Supply. Just soak your nails in it for the recommended amount of time and maybe scrub them with a brush a little and your nails will come out pretty and white.

Nail Filing

Always file your natural nails in the same direction. Filling back and forth ruins the ends of the nail and can cause breakage. It's best to file your nails after they have been painted because it protects the nail. So use a strengthener first then file or just polish on the color and then file your nails. If your nails are fake you can file back and forth just fine.

Long Healthy Nails

A happy nail is a moisturized nail! Want long nails that won't break? Here's the solution. I suggest using cuticle oil AND cuticle balm on your nails everyday. After those dry also apply good lotion (not just the kind that smells nice) to your hands. If your nails are longer be sure to rub the oil underneath the nails too. Also go out and find a nail strengthener that works for you. Everyone is different but here's some that have worked for me and my mom: O.P.I. Nail Envy, Formula 10, and Nail Magic. Even if your nails are already strong and grow (like mine) the strenghthener will help protect them. It's also good to apply a coat of your strengthener before polishing the nail. Don't let that count as a base coat though! Make sure to put that first then a base coat. Also Vitamin E oil is a good cuticle oil so if you don't get just a regular cuticle oil find Vitamin E oil and do the same with it. Check out my nail routine to see some of this pictured. :)

Acrylic Paints and Nails?

Regular, cheap acrylic paints are great for nail designs. When wanting to draw something on top of your nail over a pretty nail polish color, unlike normal nail polish acrylic paints aren't see through so only one is necessary. Always put a top coat over your designs when you're done!

Nail polish peels off/chips easily?

Before applying base coat or color make sure your nails are free of oils! To do this simply soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and rub each nail with it before painting. Also a buffing block is useful to rough up the surface of the nail a little, this helps the polish to stick better and last longer!

Have any more questions? Just comment and ask!

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