Monday, July 2, 2012

Here's my 4th of July manicure! I used Milani one coat glitter in Red sparkle for the index, thumb and pinkie fingers, then I used a base coat of Orly Au Champagne topped with Klean Color Metallic White for the middle finger, and lastly Wet N Wild Red Red on the ring finger and for the blue spot I used Orly Royal Navy. For the white stripes I used acrylic paint. :D Happy 4th of July everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My new manicure! Of course this one's for the Lord. ;) I thank Him for my talent!

OPI Skull and Gloss Bones, topped with OPI Happy Anniversary, with Orly Iron Butterflies on the ring fingers. The letters were done with black acrylic paint. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make Your Own Nail Stickers

So I love making these cause they are just so cute and handy so I'm going to tell you all how! These are cute little nail stickers that can be made using any mini punch with a cute picture in it.
Here we go! These are the supplies you'll need:
Ziplock bag (or any surface that is plastic or wax paper)
A razor or flat surface to peel with
Mini punches
Nail polishes (make sure they are opaque and good cremes we used Wet N Wild brand, which is an awesome brand) :)

Now let's get started! First paint a rectangle of nail polish onto the surface you are using. Let the first coat dry then add two more the same way on top. The thicker they are the easier it is to punch the pattern. Make sure they are COMPLETELY dry before using them.

Next, peel of the patches of polish with the tool you chose.

Insert the patch into the little punch towards the edge so you can use it several times.

Next, push down the punch and out will pop a cute little sticker to put onto your nails! To get the rest of the sheet out if it gets stuck in the punch just use a toothpick. :)

Here's ours. You can also do two-toned ones just like that orange and pink cupcake or the orange and pink hearts. We did several different ones as you can see. :)

Now to apply them to your nails put down a top coat and place it on while it's still wet. Wait for that to dry then add another coat on top and then you're done! These punches are pretty cheap and make cute and easy nail stickers. We got ours at Walmart's craft section on sale for 99 cents a piece. If you don't have the punches though you can use the same method. Instead just draw the design with the polish onto the surface, wait for it to dry and peel it off! Just make sure to draw it small enough to fit onto your nails. Hoped you liked today's tip! :)

Oh and isn't my mom's manicure just awesome? She used Revlon Cherry and Northern lights on top. :)

Color Club Wild at Heart

My new mani today! I used Color Club Wild at Heart, China Glaze Marry A Millionaire for the glitter tips, and on my accent finger I used OPI Ink Suede.

I just love the way a matte polish feels. <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

Metallic Polishes

Today I'll be posting about some awesome metallic polishes that I love! Metallics are popular nowadays and so I thought I'd talk about and show my favorites. These aren't a brand new collection or anything, but they're affordable and give great coverage, with awesome color. They were limited edition though, so I hope you all can still find them out there! These are LA colors Color Craze Limited Edition Series 2 Modern Metallics. They only costed about $5 for the complete set.
Here are the bottles.

Now these are some swatches! Of course I didn't swatch the top coat though! The way I lined them up in the above pictures is how I put them on the nails. They don't have names in this collection, so I can't tell you what the name of each polish is but you can see the colors as they correspond to the bottles. This swatch is with just one coat of each color.

Now these are with two coats.

As you can see they are just beautiful polishes! The metallic look is awesome, but the darker blue and grey sort of disappointed me. They aren't as full of glitter as the others, but they are still very pretty colors. Hope you all enjoyed these swatches, I'll be doing some more later on!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fixing a Broken Nail

Ever have a nail break at the base? Isn't it SO frustrating? And painful for that matter. Well have no fear Alexis and her tips are here! If your nail breaks far down at the base and you don't want to cut it due to the pain here's what you can do!

Get yourself a tea bag, empty out the tea, and cut a piece of it in the shape of the nail that has broken.

Next, get brush on nail glue (or regular, the brush on just makes it easier).

Put clear base coat on before the glue to protect your nail. Now put a coat of nail glue on the nail and put the tea bag strip on it and glue it down. Make sure to get out the bubbles too. Wait for that to dry, then put another coat of the glue. After it's totally dry file it and buff it out so it feels smooth and not bumpy on the top. Wahlah! Now just wait until the nail break grows out enough to where when you cut it it won't hurt and you've saved yourself some pain! If your nails were painted when it happened just put on another coat of polish on top the bag and glue. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Polishes

Good evening everyone! To kick start this blog I'll begin with telling you about some of my favorite polishes! My all time favorite line of polishes has to be China Glaze. They are never streaky, are always very opaque, and have the best colors! I am however HUGE fan of the Sally Hansen brand. They make my FAVORITE white nail polish. It's called White On. If you're looking for a great white that isn't see-through and is nice and thick I suggest you run out right now and go pick one up!

Sally Hansen has great polishes and are much cheaper then China Glaze! Although China Glaze is definitely worth the money! Speaking of great, thick polishes another awesome brand would be Finger Paints. I've never had a Finger Paints polish EVER be translucent or thin. They are GREAT if you are a solid nail polish color lover. And lastly, my other favorite would be LA colors. They have great polishes that are super cheap too!

Now I know some of you might be thinking 'What about Orly?,' well I do like Orly it's just Orly's polishes seem to be very translucent to me. I always have to put more coats than I want to with Orly. Although when it comes to glitter polishes Orly knocks it out of the park! So that being said Orly is a good brand for glitter, but not for cream polishes.

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