My Nail Routine

Now for my nail care these are the products I like to use. :) I suggest using cuticle oil and balm. Any will do just pick your favorites! Make sure when you apply the oil if your nails are longer apply it under the tip also and rub it in. Now the Formula 10 is my favorite nail strengthener. You go find the one that works for you! I suggest applying a coat of it before your base coat. My mom loves one called Nail Magic. OPI Nail Envy is pretty good too. Then for the files. The fine one is for when I need to touch up a nail and the medium/rough one is if I want to shorted a nail without cutting it or for when and if (BLEH) I break a nail. Well this is my nail care routine and it really works for me. You just need to find one that works for you! You can just use mine as an example!

Now for top and base coats! I suggest using a top and base coat with every manicure. It just helps to prolong the manicure and keep it from chipping. My favorite base coat happens to be Revlon's original base coat and my favorite top coat is China Glaze's fast forward top coat. Now if I've done a manicure with glitter or a thick design I would suggest Seche Vite because it is so thick and does not smear the design. Also for ones full of glitter I recommend putting a coat of Gellous on. It fills in the spaces (like a gel get it?) so when you put on the top coat they feel smooth, not bumpy.

Now when I'm done with a manicure sometimes I get polish on the sides of my nails on my skin. To get it off here's what I do. I either use that orange stick if the polish is still wet and just scrape along the edge (but not too hard) to remove it, or I use that small brush (pointy Q-Tips can also be used but the brush makes it much easier) dipped in 100% acetone nail polish remover.

That's it for my manicure routine!

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