Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Polishes

Good evening everyone! To kick start this blog I'll begin with telling you about some of my favorite polishes! My all time favorite line of polishes has to be China Glaze. They are never streaky, are always very opaque, and have the best colors! I am however HUGE fan of the Sally Hansen brand. They make my FAVORITE white nail polish. It's called White On. If you're looking for a great white that isn't see-through and is nice and thick I suggest you run out right now and go pick one up!

Sally Hansen has great polishes and are much cheaper then China Glaze! Although China Glaze is definitely worth the money! Speaking of great, thick polishes another awesome brand would be Finger Paints. I've never had a Finger Paints polish EVER be translucent or thin. They are GREAT if you are a solid nail polish color lover. And lastly, my other favorite would be LA colors. They have great polishes that are super cheap too!

Now I know some of you might be thinking 'What about Orly?,' well I do like Orly it's just Orly's polishes seem to be very translucent to me. I always have to put more coats than I want to with Orly. Although when it comes to glitter polishes Orly knocks it out of the park! So that being said Orly is a good brand for glitter, but not for cream polishes.


  1. Hi, I love your blog (and those adorable fish swimming in your side bar :p ) I thought I had a lot of nailpolish but 500 polishes!!!!! Wow is all I can say :)I like Sally Hansen nail polishes as well, for the price they actually have a surprisingly good quality! I actually just posted a nail design in which I used a Sally Hansen Nailpolish; I'd love it if you checked it out!


    ps. If you decide to follow my blog leave a comment to let me know; I always follow back :)

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to go check you out and follow! :)


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