Make Up Faves

Here I'll tell you about my favorite make up products that are affordable! No Mac or fancy pants make up for me!

To start I'll tell you about my favorite mascaras. Colossal by Maybelline is my favorite of all time! It gives great volume and length to me! The other is Great Lash BIG by Maybelline. It reminds me of Colossal a great deal, the brush is bigger though. I still love that one and have no problems with big brushes and getting small lashes. My eye lashes are very long and full in the first place, but these enhance them and make them look like fake lashes, so I really recommend them. Many women don't like Great Lash, but I have no complaints!

Next up is my favorite eye shadow primer. It's an herbal eye shadow by Palladio and can be found at Ulta. When I apply this my shadow has never creased on me and it stays vibrant for hours and hours.

Now, my favorite eye shadow! This is a palette by Coastal Scents. It contains 88 dime sized pots of shadow ranging from white, through every color, to black. The one I purchased was a mix of satin and mattes so I got shimmer and flat to work with. I love these, they are so pigmented and beautiful and it only costed about $20.

Lastly, my favorite make up remover. THIS IS THE BEST MAKE UP REMOVER OF ALL TIME. Haha. It really is though. I mean it removes make up in two seconds, no matter how thickly applied. It's by Avon. So go to Avon's website or find a representative and go order some! I also love Avon's make up, its quality and not too expensive. :)

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