Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fixing a Broken Nail

Ever have a nail break at the base? Isn't it SO frustrating? And painful for that matter. Well have no fear Alexis and her tips are here! If your nail breaks far down at the base and you don't want to cut it due to the pain here's what you can do!

Get yourself a tea bag, empty out the tea, and cut a piece of it in the shape of the nail that has broken.

Next, get brush on nail glue (or regular, the brush on just makes it easier).

Put clear base coat on before the glue to protect your nail. Now put a coat of nail glue on the nail and put the tea bag strip on it and glue it down. Make sure to get out the bubbles too. Wait for that to dry, then put another coat of the glue. After it's totally dry file it and buff it out so it feels smooth and not bumpy on the top. Wahlah! Now just wait until the nail break grows out enough to where when you cut it it won't hurt and you've saved yourself some pain! If your nails were painted when it happened just put on another coat of polish on top the bag and glue. :)

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